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Together with our Associates we have secured compensation totalling ££££MILLIONS to-date for land, property and homeowners, developers, property managers and others where land is affected by electricity lines, pylons, poles or cables or other utilities.

We advise owners against signing standard electricity wayleaves. Our rationale is outlined in the links above.

We have advised over 1,300 clients since 1998, from individual homeowners, through medium sized management companies to large organisations with property interests throughout the UK.

Some firms act for the utility companies
in one transaction and for landowners in another. act only for land &
property owners.

What we can do for land and property owners in the UK provides specialist advice and solutions for land, property and homeowners, developers, property managers and others, faced with the problem of overhead electricity lines, poles, pylons and buried cables affecting property within the UK.

Have you been asked to grant permission for a new electricity pole, overhead line, line support or buried cable to be installed on your property and to sign a NEW Electricity Wayleave or to CHANGE an existing wayleave? - PLEASE DO NOT as ALL standard ‘terminable’ electricity wayleaves can bind you and ANY future owner of your land or property - DO NOT get caught out by signing what appears to be terminable - and is anything but. See actual Case Summary below.

INSTEAD we advise that you contact straightaway. On a NO WIN - NO FEE basis, our services will be free of charge to you, unless we are successful in securing either (a) Compensation for you, when you are asked to sign a WAYLEAVE - or (b) The removal or diversion or undergrounding of lines - where applicable. You will only receive a bill from us when we are successful and you will only be asked to pay a fraction of the compensation or cost saving we achieve for you.

Standard terminable electricity wayleaves are 'permanent'

Actual Case Summary: In a HIGH COURT decision after terminating a standard so-called ‘terminable’electricity wayleave and following appeal of the decision, the landowner was ordered to pay legal costs, including those of THE SECRETARY OF STATE FOR TRADE AND INDUSTRY - and the electricity line remained in position above the garden - delivering a DOUBLE WHAMMY for ALL electricity wayleave grantors.

In 1995 the new owner gave notice to the electricity company, terminating the wayleave agreement [signed by a previous owner] and requiring the overhead line, supported on wood poles, be removed from above the garden. The electricity company refused to remove the overhead line despite the fact that the wayleave was a standard electricity wayleave and therefore 'terminable'. Instead, the electricity company applied to the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry for compulsory retention of the previous wayleave for the overhead line. [necessary wayleave]

The landowner applied for judicial review of the Secretary of State's decision, to grant the compulsory wayleave. The Court determined that The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry's interpretation was correct and The Court dismissed the landowner's application.

On Thursday, 21 August 1997 the landowner was ordered to pay legal costs, including those of The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

The lines remained in position regardless that the PREVIOUS wayleave was a standard, so-called 'terminable' type.

The new owner had not even signed a wayleave. A previous owner had signed the wayleave, which was the subject of this High Court ruling.


The presence of overhead powerlines will place restriction on development of a site. Additionally, many wood pole powerlines and axiomatically, all pylon lines, have been shown to cause depreciation in the value of residential and commercial property, which is referred to as ‘injurious affection’. The rules governing compensation in such cases are complex.

It is too late when a standard so-called ‘terminable’electricity wayleave is signed and a nominal wayleave payment has been accepted – we recommend you contact as soon as ANY wayleave is requested for any length of new overhead electricity line or buried cable, pole, staywire or pylon to be installed on your property.

Initial consultation and assessment is FREE and without obligation, so why not contact us now?