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  • Only part of the HV overhead line crosses above my property; the pylons are on adjacent land - Can we make a claim?
  • The HV lines may be just outside the boundary of my property - Am I entitled to claim?
  • An overhead electricity line crosses our site, which has planning permission for residential development. If we design to accommodate the lines we will lose plots and incur additional on-site costs. Do we have a claim or could we get the line removed?
  • There are 3 x buried HV cables crossing our proposed development. Do we have to design around them? Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I have a claim - the lines were built many years before my house? The overhead line was present when the land was purchased and so surely compensation can't be claimed now?

A: Whether the lines were built first or not is not the deciding factor - we have acted for owners/developers constructing new property below overhead lines and owners whose properties were built 50 years after the lines.

Q: I thought you could only claim a few pounds from the electricity companies because the wayleave rates are agreed nationally.

A: There is no wayleave rate for residential, commercial or industrial property and much higher rates can be claimed where lines impinge upon development land - residential, leisure or commercial.

Q: I have a 'H' pole in the corner of my garden and a HV line crosses above my grounds. I receive a wayleave payment of a few pounds each year. Can I claim compensation or could I have the lines removed?

A: The situation differs from that when granting a new wayleave. has been able to use its expertise to negotiate valuable compensation payments to many property owners; in other instances we have been successful in negotiating the removal of electricity infrastructure.