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DO YOU WANT TO REMOVE OR DIVERT AN OVERHEAD LINE, POLE, PYLON or UNDERGROUND CABLE? is dedicated to enhancing value where development land, residential, commercial or other property is affected by electricity lines, line supports, underground cables or pylons.

The supply of development land is limited; scarcity invariably leads to price increase with consequential pressure on margins. House price inflation, buoyed by sustained low interest rates has ensured improving margins in recent years.

However, interest rates have risen and the rise may continue. Recent figures suggest a fall in house sales of 20%. In today's and tomorrow's markets, developers and landowners cannot afford to dismiss land affected by electricity lines and pylons.

  • Because of the presence of a cluster of buried EHV cables you have lost a number of plots and are faced with additional on site costs. The cost of diverting the cables proves uneconomic.
  • Your land portfolio contains a number of sites, which you are holding in abeyance because they are crossed by a 33kV overhead line supported on steel tower within the curtilage of the site / 11kV buried cables / or 33 kV buried cables for example.
  • Your development scheme needs design changes to accommodate lines pylons or cables. The cost of diverting the DNO's infrastructure is prohibitive. and Associates have acted in cases where we have eliminated or reduced these costs and added considerable value in so doing. You may be entitled to make a significant claim for compensation.

Our Fees will be a fraction of the added value and initial consultation and assessment is free. Contact us now for further information.