Tel: 01792 548 258 Professional Wayleave Advice for land and property owners within the UK
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Our Clients include:

  • Developers
  • Homeowners
  • Civil Engineers
  • Community Councils
  • Pension Funds
  • Farmers
  • Housing Associations and other landowners.


We are a leading adviser on electricity infrastructure affecting private property within the UK.

  • We advise land and property owners in instances where they have been asked to grant permission for new electricity poles, overhead lines, line supports or buried cables to be installed on property and to sign a new electricity wayleave or change an existing wayleave. Irrespective of whether it involves a single wood pole or staywire, a short section of overhead service line or buried service cable or a pylon line, the Electricity Act applies equally to every wayleave. It does not distinguish between wayleaves for large or small schemes - nor do we - and we apply meticulous standards of service to each enquiry.
  • We negotiate compensation for land, property and homeowners, developers, property managers and others, where land is affected by electricity infrastructure or wayleaves, within the UK.
  • We negotiate the removal and or diversion of - overhead electricity lines, poles, pylons and buried cables on or from affected land. precursor was established in 1998 and provides clients with sound advice underpinned by professional expertise backed up by over 20 years experience, within the industry, in dealing with electricity infrastructure and wayleaves.

Together with our Associates we have advised over 1,300 clients - from individual homeowners, through medium sized management companies to large organisations with property interests throughout the UK.

Each client receives a service of the highest standard, designed to meet their needs and provided by a professional team, backed by decades of experience.

David Phillips has put forward a Commentary to the Department of the Environment Fundamental Review of the Laws and Procedures relating to Compulsory Purchase and Compensation regarding ELECTRICITY WAYLEAVES & COMPENSATION and RIGHTS OF ACCESS FOR UTILITIES.