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“I find as a fact that although the wayleave consents are by their terms expressed to be terminable, all the electricity board's structures over and under the Estate are permanent structures unlikely to be removed for the foreseeable future.”

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Have you been asked to sign a new electricity Wayleave agreement or to CHANGE an existing wayleave agreement ? We advise against doing so.

Since 1989, ALL wayleaves can be retained by the power companies, using the fast track ‘necessary wayleave’ procedure – no CPO is needed to do this.

ANY wayleave, which you sign can bind you and anyone to whom you later sell your property. Also, you are likely to face a bill, for the costs of diverting lines or cables, if a wayleave has ever existed for the equipment affecting your property. (A wayleave automatically rolls over to affect future owners, under the Electricity Act 1989.)

One owner was ordered to pay the legal costs of the Secretary of State for Trade and Industry, following a hearing; another wayleave grantor was quoted £12,500.00 to move a single 11kV wood pole.

Owners can take steps to avoid the unnecessary pitfalls - but this must be done before signing the wayleave agreement.

Wayleave payment for buried cable, for example, is less than 3 pence a year! By using our services, our clients have received payments amounting to £££000’s for lines, buried cables or poles.

Before signing any wayleave agreement, call on 01792 548 258 and ask about our NO WIN - NO FEE facility.

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